A researcher wearing blue gloves and safety goggles pours a clear liquid into a test tube


合作. 发现. Explore without boundaries.

调查, 奖学金, collaboration and a passion to improve human lives 是 the building blocks of our DNA. That’s why Brandeis is one of just 65 members of the Association of American Universities, an organization of elite research institutions in North America.

我们的 世界知名的教师 bring their passion for teaching and mentoring into the university’s labs and research facilities, working side-by-side with students to cure disease, 改善人类健康, build sustainable communities and solve myriad social problems. 在十大网赌平台, you'll learn persistence, 创造力, collaboration and critical thinking — and, 当然, 发现的乐趣.

Professor Michael Rosbash and students


Transformative discoveries and inventions 是 born every year at Brandeis.

Eve Marder教授

Brandeis researchers in the news

全球金融. 遗传咨询. 的 intersection of arts and peace. 研究 at Brandeis is as varied as the interests and expertise of our faculty.

学生 in the Justice Brandeis Semester program

Undergrads on the front lines

十大网赌平台本科生learning on the front lines of many of today’s most pressing problems in the sciences, 社会科学, humanities and the creative arts. 

Brandeis grad student researcher in a lab

Opportunities for graduate students

学生 in Brandeis’ 40 master’s and 17 doctoral programs learn from and conduct research with many of the best and brightest scholars in their fields.